“A well-spent day brings happy sleep.” (Leonardo da Vinci, 1452-1519).

Thank you for visiting Bayside Sleep Health, and “…make sleep your friend.”

All living creatures sleep in some form, with patterns of sleep which vary across species, and time of day or night.  Humans have evolved to sleep by night and be active by day, since we first walked on the planet as hunters and gatherers.  While seconds, minutes, hours and days have generally remained the same since the beginning of the universe, the amount of information available to us within these time segments continues to expand dramatically, along with the continually evolving technology which provides it.

So why as humans have we changed our behaviors to keep up with the world around us, and forgone the importance of sleep?  And why does some information we receive cause disruption to sleep?

The aim of this website is to provide general information about sleep, and the most common sleep disorder, insomnia.  Despite the busy world around us, insomnia can be treated behaviorally to restore good sleep health for physical and mental well-being, and healthy, daytime functioning.

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