With the current uncertainty about coronavirus across Australia and the world, the levels of anxiety in the community, and especially within ourselves, can increase.  During his time, it is important to focus on what we can control in our lives, so here are a few tips:

  1. Look after number ONE, that is, you!  Keep maintaining a good, healthy diet, and a good regular, sleep routine.  Your local gym is unavailable, so you can still go for a walk every day – 30 minutes or more is ideal.
  2. Follow the recommended hygiene principles, social and movement restrictions in place, and only follow official Government Department of Health Guidelines (not what you hear, read or see on social media).
  3. Our normal meeting places for socialising such as coffee shops, restaurants or cinemas are unavailable, so you can still keep in touch with friends by phone or video (FaceTime, Skype, Zoom etc) regularly, as you normally would.  Maintaining social connections is always important, especially now; we are all affected in this current period of uncertainty.

If you feel that the current anxiety or stress is impacting your daily life, you may want to talk to a psychologist.  Health care professionals are working as an essential service, including Geoff at Bayside Sleep Health.  Normal, face-to-face 50-60 minute appointments are still available.  Conditions apply for video or telephone consultations if you prefer (these maybe updated based on Government recommendations).

To make an appointment, please contact us here.

Across the course of human history, major events affecting people have come and gone.  So eventually, with the coronavirus event, remember, “this too shall pass”…

Take care of yourselves, and each other.